Character Creation

Character Creation Guidelines.

  • Start at level one.
  • Any core class/race (core, ult class, race, combat and magic books)
  • No Evil axis alignments
  • 20 point stat buy. See stats section below.
  • All characters start with 1,000 gold. (This came from payoffs from your father's deaths by the pirate lords.)
  • No exotic weapons, armor (while in Riddleport, as you travel they may become available.)
  • Must be from Riddleport.
  • Age should be between 10-15ish (human or other race equivalent)
  • One trait with no drawback or two traits and one drawback
  • Max skill ranks = Your char level.


For traits and drawbacks see this page.

20 point buy system. Each character receives a number of points to spend on increasing his basic attributes. In this method, all attributes start at a base of 10. A character can increase an individual score by spending some of his points. Likewise, he can gain more points to spend on other scores by decreasing one or more of his ability scores. No score can be reduced below 7 or raised above 18 using this method. See Table: Ability Score Costs for the costs of each score. After all the points are spent, apply any racial modifiers the character might have. If you need help calculating this you may want to try this link.

<caption style=“text-align:left;font-weight:bold;padding:10px 0px”>Table: Ability Score Costs</caption>


Score Points
7 –4
8 –2
9 –1
10 0
11 1
12 2
13 3
14 5
15 7
16 10
17 13
18 17

Character Creation

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